How It Works

Here’s a brief description of how pivot works for you.

Purchases and Expenses

When you make a purchase, just snap a photo using the Dext app on your phone or forward a digital/email invoice to your personalized Dext email. The Dext application for receipt management is included in your subscription. Recycle paper receipts immediately afterwards, you no longer need to stuff them into ziplock bags and shoeboxes.

Get Back to Work

Just keep running the operation side of your business and stop worrying about the books. You’ll quickly get use to forwarding receipts and invoices and you can forget about them afterwards. If you ever need to refer to a past receipt, they are always at your finger tips and stored on the cloud.

Books & Taxes, We Got It

Your account manager is reconciling your books and filing sales and corporate tax on your behalf, so our staff are always working behind the scenes to ensure everything is being recorded as you require it. We’ll update you and send your slips with any amounts due to be remitted.

Financial Snapshot

Quickly and remotely view your business finances from your phone or computer using the provided software and applications. All of these are included in your subscription to Pivot and discounted from retail rates. Enjoy other added benefits like an automatic milage tracker.

Free Support

Use our website to quickly schedule support calls with your account manager and have the appointment added directly to your calendar.