Pivot has changed the way I run my business, from invoicing, to keeping track of projects and expenses and recording mileage. I can use my time to focus on my work – not my stress around admin items, bookkeeping and finances.

Christine Santimaw

Being a real estate agent who is incorporated, and owner of a Property Services company, PIVOT is the best invention ever! Between this program and the team at Harding and Associates, I (we) am (are) super organized and my/our HST is filed quarterly, and all personal taxes and corporate taxes are filed efficiently! I 100% recommend this program and company!

The Patterson Group

Amazing. This service is fantastic. It allows me to not worry about any accounting and instead focus on the daily tasks and operations of running a business. If I have any questions about accounting, I can talk to a real person via email or phone, with a timely response. This service is amazing and worth every penny.

Quinn Everett

Pro Service. We run our accounting for 4 separate businesses through these guys, and we are extremely pleased with them. Always quick to answer any of our questions or concerns. Highly recommend.

Dan Franklin

Great system! It has been essential for my growing business to have the peace of mind that the books are automatically up to date, it allows us to concentrate on our business operations and there’s always someone available for support if you need them. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Pivot to anyone looking to add an asset to their operations.

Shawn Green

The best of both worlds! Easy to use cloud based bookkeeping with the benefit of a real person to answer questions over the phone or via email. Has streamlined book keeping for my business.

Margaret Craig